• How do I set up the Office AnyChair?
    • Please open the Office AnyChair slowly and with care, as it is made with spring steel and will pop open quickly. Take the Office AnyChair out of its carrying bag and twist it open with your hands firmly around the edges.
  • How do I set down the Office AnyChair?
    • Grab diagonal corners of the Office AnyChair and bring hands together while twisting one wrist inward and one wrist outward.
    • The Office AnyChair will form three equal sized rings that fold together
    • Place the Office AnyChair back in its holding bag.
  • How do I know if the Office AnyChair is in the right position?
    • The Office AnyChair is designed to be a backdrop for a webcam view of your profile. Your eyes should be in line with your webcam. Your sternum to the top of your head should fit in frame with space above your head, so that only your profile and the Office AnyChair is in frame. You can adjust the straps on the Office AnyChair to achieve this look on your webcam. If you have a larger chair, such as a gaming chair, you will only need to use the two side-straps.
  • Why does the Office AnyChair tilt back on one side?
    • The Office AnyChair’s foldable frame causes it to always be slightly tilted on one side. You can adjust the Office AnyChair to lessen the tilt, but do not worry. This will not have an effect on how it is viewed through your webcam.
  • Can it fit in my luggage?
    • The office AnyChair can fit into most checked-sized suitcases. It can also be directly carried onto a plane in it’s handled carrying case.
  • Size & Weight
    • The Office AnyChair has a diameter 52 inches when unfolded and is 21 inches when folded. It weighs 2.2 pounds.

 How to Set Up the Office AnyChair

How to Set Down (Fold Up) the Office AnyChair




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